Saturday, December 20, 2008


sweet sweet afterthoughts (coming soon)

UPDATE 03.23.09:

as promised i have some sweet sweet afterthoughts to make public ;D

i entered Ganesha into the 2009 SCADDY Awards (SCAD's version of the ADDY awards) and i am pleased to announce that i was awarded a Gold SCADDY in the category of On Screen Graphics (i know, this is a horribly generic category, but i humbly accept!!). in addition to this honor, my work was forwarded on to the big league - the ADDY Awards. at the local savannah level, i was awarded a Student Gold ADDY, this time in the category Elements of Advertising - Animation. i'm going to continue entering the short into various film festivals and stand by to see how Ganesha fares at the regional and perhaps national level of the ADDYs...

click here to check out the 2009 SCADDY AWARD WINNERS

also, i put together a little collage of drawings from my sketchbook. i think Ganesha needs his own after-school spin-off! what do you think? are you feeling the love?? ;D